Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tippi Hedren dreams...

A little humor for all the Hitchcock fans out there...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Christina and Eric

Christina and Eric had a wonderful wedding at Hammock Dunes on May 24th. Great people, a beautiful location, and cooperative weather all came together to make this day extraordinary. View the wedding slideshow here.  Totally worth it....Enjoy!


Sunset in the Florida Keys

I was in the Florida Keys for several days last week and had a wonderful time - Lots of snorkeling, a little fishing, a side trip to Key West, and did I mention a LOT of sun? Good times...Sunset over Duck Key was gorgeous on Tuesday - check it out!

Artist's Palette

Driving down Highway 441 a week or so ago, I stopped to watch an artist painting a landscape -it was that magic time right before the sun sets and the clouds were turning all kinds of crazy colors (see my next post too!) I liked his painting, but was even more impressed with his one of a kind palette -  an old set of jalousie windows have been recycled into a multi layered palette - very cool and colorful - here's my take...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Just finished a wedding in Ponte Vedra this weekend, and this boy was running by me - my camera was set for inside photography, but he was outside, and you're supposed to make all kinds of adjustments to your camera to get the shot, but there is often no time in these moments, so you shoot anyway and see what happens - this one happened to work out great! the overexposure caused this ethereal image of the kid we'd all like to remember being...


I was photographing a newborn a few months back and this little guy was quite the sideshow during the shoot - I couldn't help but snap a few frames and this one really caught my eye. Move over Carlos!