Monday, April 12, 2010


Last day in Sydney today - We're having a morning cappuccino and croissant at the Tropicana cafe as we have the last several mornings - we come here for the free internet (and the incredible food and coffee...great excuse, huh?) It's a few blocks up a hill from our room and has been a nice morning ritual.

Yesterday was just incredible - Paula and Graeme of Ribbleton Warmbloods took us for a drive north of Sydney to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park - Along the way we made several stops to eat and sightsee - the mountain roads reminded me a bit of curvy two lane roads in western North Carolina, but with eucalyptus trees and sandstone boulders. Gorgeous drive on a glorious day - couldn't have been more beautiful, and it was great to get out of the city to see the nearby countryside. There is much water along the route and so many beautiful overlooks and public places to enjoy the scenery.

We had a light snack at a little waterside cafe before heading up to an amazing overlook of Barrenjoey headland, where we saw some sort of large (3 feet long) dragon lizard thing...

Ventured further inland to have a nice lunch at Pie in the Sky cafe, a meat pie specialty place up in the mountains - All sorts of meat in a pastry crust, and they put gravy on the french fries and peas I had on the side. And I thought only southerners put gravy on everything...

We had a visit to Ribbleton farms to feed the horses before heading back to Sydney for dinner and it was a lovely place - beautiful grounds and horses -

To top off the day, we made our way back to town about dusk and had dinner on the north side of Sydney Harbor, overlooking the bridge and Opera House - I felt like I was living in a postcard.The view was lovely and Paulette and Graeme were just wonderful hosts for the day, so it was a very special time indeed.

We fly up to Brisbane this afternoon for the next leg of our adventure.

Enjoy the images!

Pie in the Sky!

Luna Park, North Side of Harbor Bridge

Our fantastic hosts, Graeme and Paulette

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