Thursday, April 8, 2010

Landed in Oz

What day is it? Friday? Thursday in Florida, Friday in Sydney. Ok. 15 hours ahead here. Ok. Jet lag?  Not bad, except I wake up at 1 in the morning and am ready to stay up. Toilets, yes, they flush backwards..not the handle, but the water. Goes counterclockwise. What does it do on the equator?  More interesting things to worry about I am sure...

It is a long plane flight here. But you chase the darkness and it says dark for 83 hours or something like that so you think you need to sleep on the plane so you do, and eventually you think you should be landing soon, and then it is only another 5 or so hours 'til you land, so all is well.

Sydney is beautiful. A lovely city and very friendly people - Had a little exploring yesterday, but today we start in earnest, capped off by an evening climb on the Sydney bridge, right at dusk. Was getting my camera gear all ready for some amazing photography until someone told me they don't let you take anything up with you (something about cars and such below being at risk from fumbly fingered photographers. Or car keys falling out of pockets, etc.) so I will have to describe that instead of showing with photographs.. Drat!

Anyway, staying at a lovely place next to a park and enjoying life in Sydney for the next few days - we fly up to the Brisbane area early next week to begin our work here, so will be sure to soak in the funtime while I can. Photos to follow when I have some time this evening or tomorrow morning.


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