Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dana's picks from the Melbourne Clinic

Had a little time this evening to go over the images from the Melbourne clinic  -  These really caught my eye... If you want to see LOTS of horse imagery from the Melbourne clinic and the Gold coast clinic, see my smugmug page at the following link:


End of the day rainbow

One gorgeous tree on the property - I revisited it several times throughout the clinic

This barn was on the way to the clinic from the town we were staying in. Functional high art.  

Love the attitude of the horse here.

Each evening on the drive back to town we came to the main road and the sky was doing something incredible...

Several times through the day the sky went from blue to gray...

Took a walk down the farm road at lunch. 

Had a little stormy weather, but it didn't disrupt the clinic at all.  Phew!

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